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Hello Steve,

I have attached some photos of Diablo, he really is magnificent! He has grown to be a very gentle boy, still bullish, but he does listen and understands commands very well. He is not a 'barker', which is nice for the neighbourhood, he of course because of his breed is intimidating to most people that see him coming their way, he has not been aggressive towards other dogs, he really doesn't need to be, he has this air about him that seems to let the other dogs know that he really is a Tog Dog. He loves being spoiled, he demands attention, it is all about him! He has a 'sister' - Hazel, she is a spade British bull terrier chocolate lab cross, she is extremely well behaved and although not near his strength in being a bull, she is fast, thus running games throughout the yard, and on the walks in the woods keeps his heart in great condition. Also six cats, are allowed to snuggle up with him to sleep, he really enjoys having blankets to punch into position, we think he likes the cats and the blankets simply to keep himself warm. "D" quivers when he is excited or nervous (he knows when he has done something bad), this is when he puts on his puppy face and charms you into being forgiving. Yeah he is that good..

Regards - Rod


Hi everyone at
Top Dog Kennels
Here are some pics of the dogs for you. Kimura, the female brindle is almost 2 and Nas is just over 1 years old. They are in perfect health and the extremly well behaved. Thanks for everything !


Hey Steve,
This is Asim and Lisa just letting you now we have moved.
Here are some new pics of Kilo (Blacks & Foxys male) at 2 years old. Also just wanted to know when you are going to be updating your website? We would really like to see your new place, it looks like its going to be great.
Asim and Lisa


Hey Steve, how did you like the pic of Chewy? She LOVES to chase balls. She is Breians greatest opponent in soccer now!  We play keep away all of the time. She has popped the basketball, and put many holes in the soccer ball. Not popped it yet, but outer skin lookes kinda funny. Little teeth marks everywhere. Hope you feel better soon!

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