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Thank You For Your Comments
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Hi Steve
Thank you so much for this adorable little stinker!  We didn't need the towel on the ride home, but a gas mask might have helped.  Aside from that, we decided on "Thalia" as a name for the little girl.  She gets along great with Athena (chihuahua/min-pin) and follows her around the house.  I've attached a couple pictures of her first night at her new home.  Hope to see you guys again this weekend!
Thanks again,
Tammy and Jeremy

        It's Jackie. I just wanted to let you know that our trip back home went very well. The roads were really good going back so that was nice and my new puppy "COVA" was amazing the whole way home. We had her on our laps for the first bit and then she fell asleep so I put her in her crate and she would only wake up to go pee, eat and drink and then she would fall right back to sleep! She did this the whole way home so by the time we got home she was awake for everyone to meet her. Everyone who has met her so far has fell completely in love with her and want to steal her!! She's my best bud now she goes everywhere with me and sleeps almost through the whole night with me only waking up once or twice to go pee. I weighed her today and she already weighs 13 pounds so she's growin like a weed!!! I've got tons of pictures already so I'm gunna try to get some help to download them onto the computer and then I'll send them all to you!!
Talk to you soon and thank-you so much again for the best dog anyone could have asked for...you've made me the happiest person alive I think!!!!

Hi there....my name is Anne Hastings and i recently adopted a beautiful 4 year old apbt from you. who's name is Roxy.  I would just like to say how happy i am with her and what a joy she had brought to my life in the few short weeks that i have had her.  I was more than pleased with the help i had the and how welome eveyone made me feel, Shay was wonderful and u would like to thank her for all her help and kindness.  I will bring Roxy up there soom to say Hi to everyone.  I sure have alot of respect for your kennel and all that u do to make sure that pittbulls r knowen as wonderful, respectful dogs that don't deserve the disresect that they receive.  I would like to say thank you so much for adopting me such a wonderful dog, i could not have asked for a better dog.  I hope it's ok to posibley bring up some frinds who r intrested in possibley buying a mini bull terrier, pplease tell us if it's ok.  I will be in contact, once again THANK YOU for Roxy, I love her with all me heart
 Anne Hastings

i just wanted to thank you for the most wonderful and loyal dog i received fron you people back in 2002. She was out of your august 29th 2002 litter between Harley and Sky. She is a beautiful fawn female and weighs in at 83 pounds. No fat on this girl, shes a tank of boundless energy and love for life.  EVERYBODY who encounters her comments on her beauty and asks about her background. However, she injured herself recently and requires around $6000.00 worth of surgery in her two hind knees. she has ruptured her ligaments and has cartlidge damage. nothing happend to her that we saw, she has a fenced off five acres, and runs with me every other day. Have any of your dogs ever received this type of injury before? Her playmate is a 130 pound neapoliton mastiff puppy, i am wondering if there play was too harsh. any feedback would be appreciated. Also, i dont see any pictures of Sky on your sight, (which is one of the most impressive sights i have ever seen by the way!) just wonderisng if she was still around? thanks, Camilla and Jeff Romani

I just wanted to say that you are the first person that I have seen/heard of that breeds and rescues. Being in PitBull rescue, we somewhat shame breeders, but seeing that there are people who actually do rescue and breed at the same time made me smile. I was looking at APBTs on the web (because I am absolutely obsessed with them) and I saw your gorgeous ones, they look very happy. Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for rescuing. I know I just took a couple minutes of your time, but it means alot to me. Attached is a picture of one of the pits I have right now that we got from a breeder that was about to dump his dogs off at the pound...

Just wanted to take the time and send you a picture of this magnificent girl that you have blessed us with out there in El Paso, Texas. The family and I are so thankful that you have given this girl to us and all I can say is that she is in good hands. This girl loves to work and will stop for nothing. A true APBT if you know what I mean. She has proven to be of nothing but love, joy and happiness. At all times this girl does whatever it takes to please my children and me and the wife. Thank you again Steve. Again here is an updated picture of what she is turning into.

Hey There!!
I just wanted to comment on your dog "Bowwow's Good Boy Dino", he is the most beautiful blue male I think I've ever seen. I live in Fort St. John, BC and have met Dakota a dog from your kennel and she is beautiful!! If come to kelowna any time soon I'd love to meet you guys and look around your kennels I hear their amazing!! btw- all your other dogs are amazing too!! i just like dino the best :)
Sincerley, Kim

Hi Steve,
I've got some updated photos of Damon. Son of Sky and Harley's Sept 03 litter.  He's now almost 3 years old and about 80 - 85lbs. I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him. He's such a good dog... so loving. He's got a great attitude. Loves meeting new friends. We have another male dog thats about 6 now and he's a pitty/rotti mix, they are so attached. He loves to cuddle at bedtime and sleeps under the covers all night. He's just straight up amazing. I feel sorry for people who are too afraid of pitbulls, to get to know them, they just don't know what they're missing. I must say I couldn't ask for a better dog. Thank you again.
Gina and James
Damon and Duke

Your website was down for a few days and I was terrified that something had happened to your kennel. I was just wondering if there are any current planned breedings or puppies on the way? Also I was wondering how old Damian is, and if he will ever be retired and up for sale/adoption? I absolutely love him. I come to your website at least every week and look at his pics. He's beautiful.
Mairi Claire

noticed the web page hasn't been updated in a while. Any planned breedings or puppies for sale ? I love your site and am looking foreward to getting up there again . Dave

Good Evening Steve,
Thankyou for taking the time to reply. Phenominal dogs! Truly breathtaking. Have a great evening,

I've recently looked at your website and seen new pictures.I wanted to say you have beautiful dogs, and keep up the good work

Hey guys, I just wanted to say Thank u for attempting to help out with 'Stitch' in finding him a home.  And....as u already know and are told regularly,,,,,,,,u guys have 'got' to have the #1 kennel/rescue/boarding facilities around! Im very envyous......if the dogs could talk, they'd be thankin' ya's too!

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