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This is Krystal-  Just thought you might like a new picture of Homer He's gained about 20 pounds since you guys last saw him, and he looks just like his mama!
Krystal May

I would like to say thank you for letting me and my friends come to your kennel and pull our dogs. I have been to many places and many pulls and your kennel is the best place I have ever pulled at. Your dogs are very well cared for and you facilities are top notch. I am sure you are proud of your kennel but you should be, keep up the hard work.
Thanks again
Steve Russell

I would like to buy a puppy and I like what you have and that's the best I've seen on the internet

Hello my name is Kalani and im from Hawaii and I love pit bulls and I am very impressed on the pictures that i have seen and the pitbulls your facilities have bred. I hope to hear from you soon. thank you


I have visited your site before and the changes you all have made with your facilities  makes your kennel look/seem even more impressive or at the very least, healthy and clean for your doggies!


My name is Cedric and I just wanted to start of by saying you have a wonderful program going on. I was taking a look at the site and I came across the Damien and Scar breeding. My brother and I are hoping to start a kennel/breeding program. I think that this breeding will produce a awesome female that we would like to add to our inspiring program. I am sure the entire litter will be awesome.
Thank you for your time and patience

Your dogs and place are beautiful!!! i was wondering what bloodline Capone is and do you weight pull or anything with him.. i do not believe i have ever seen a dog so obvious muscles....

Here are some pictures of Sito aka Champ son of Capone and Miss Tank, all is well and we are very happy with our little trouble maker, he has quite the personality, loves going to work with us everyday and enjoys all the attention he receives from all the customers, just a little ham, well enjoy the holiday season and we wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year.

Myles and Sito

Thanks for doing what you do!

Hi there.  My name is James Troisi.  I live in Ancaster Ontario, where Pitbulls, AmStaffs, and Staffies have been banned.  It makes me sick.  I have an English Bulldog from very prominant lineage whom I'm very proud of.  However, in the future, my girlfriend and I are considering a more athletic bull breed.  I have research Pitbulls for about 2 years now and I have to say, you have some of the most impressive Pitters I have seen thus far.  We plan on moving to Vancouver in a couple of years, so I pray that the BSL does not reach BC. I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future, and you can bet that when we make the move back out West, we'll be seeing you.  Keep up the great work.  I feel it's so important for there to be a quality Canadian Pitbull breeder.  These are such incredible animals and friends.

Take care!
Until next time,  James Troisi

Hi there. Have just been browsing your website, and you have some very lovely dogs. I am very impressed that you also rescue dogs; it really warms the heart. I will be in Kelowna  for a week in August  and would be interested to see your kennel and puppies.  Thank-you and I love  your website!!!!!

hi, I am from colombia, but Im realy in love of your pupies, I would like to know if it is posible to ship one of them to colombia.

your dogs are all beautiful...probably the best ive seen...then i saw the drag bikes!
you got me !....great site also. you guys seem to be doin it right.
what are you getting for your pups? males,females,stud fee.
  keep up the good work happy bulldogging............thanks, Ray   
                                                                                    tampa, fla.

I just wanted to say you have a great website!
I've seen over 50 websites, but none like this one. I was raised around Pits, however, where I live, they have been banned since 1987. I wish there was a way around the ban or get the ban changed. I've even thought about just getting one anyway and keep he/she in the house, but I know sooner or later it cost me and the dog money and even possibly death to the dog. It's not fair, but what is?
Anyway, keep up the good work.

hello i was enjoying your site and pics when i came across the pics of the pulling ..wow what a great facility

 First off you guys have really put together an excellent website, and from what I can see an excellent kennel. It looks very impressive.
When I was looking at your "Puppies for Sale" page I noticed that you only sell to pre-approved homes. I am curious what your approval process consists of.
By the way, I was in Calgary for 4 months for work (Sept to Dec) and I ran into a guy that had a 2 yr old male for Top Dog. He was very happy with his dog and the dog was very nice, quite mellow. I forget both their names though.
 Richard Martin

This is Bear at almost 5 1/2 months, hes a little over 50 lbs. Bear is the son of Capone and the grandson to Drako. If hes half as nice as those guys when he grows up Ill be in good shape. My many thanks goes out to Top Dog Kennels for "Studding" BC's Mystical Mirage and producing my puppy "Bear" whom I so proud of. BC Pits STILL helps me to this day if I have a question about Bear. Your dogs and kennel are among the nicest Ive seen, I think what you do with the rescues is really a great thing. Its nice to see the APBT in such a good "light" when I enter your site. They ALL look so happy an healthy. Anybody, if you are considering getting a "Top Dog" don't think twice. I look forward to speaking with you again TD Kennels. Sincerely,

Chad Stevens

Hello Steve
wow....pyro is awsome.he's been with the black lab (merlin) all day.met mickey (17 year old wash mitt our lap dog) and....my cat!!!  all is good he is an awsome pet. had him and merlin up at smith creek they had a gas...he is laynig beside me as we speek.....checked out internet.i see  he is a very special breed.am interested in where he was trained....he was obeying hand signals this afternoon,wow this dog knows a ton.....in a couple weeks want to get in touch with trainer (like you said) bring him back to par...again thanks and pyro is happy dog,,,,,,,,,carrol and phil

Hi. I'm so glad to say I'm a proud parent of a Pitty, especially one that has bloodlines from your kennel. I was so scared when my boyfriend surprised me with a pitty, now I don't think that way anymore. From the day I die, I will always have a Pitt, and it will always come from your kennel. Even though we have 4 dogs & 3 cats in a very small house, I want another Pitt now. Can't wait! Bruno's (shown all brown) Grandparents are from Miss Tank & Capone (mom's side) and Damian & Miss Fatal (father's side). The pictures shown was when Bruno was 3 months old. First picture is with his parent's Loko & Gucci. He is now 9 months old and weighs in at 70 lbs. We get so many compliments about him. He enjoys laying out in the sun, eating carrots & celery, and playing with other dogs. He is a character. If anything was to happen to Bruno, I wouldn't know what to do. Thank you so much for my beautiful dog.


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