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Daaaammmmmnnnn Steve!!! I love what you guys did with the site. Seen the pic you put up of Kane, it's hard to believe he was that small he's getting big. I weighed him in at 43 lbs 2 weeks ago. He really turned out the way i thought he would. I knew being a runt in your litter did'nt mean a damn thing (lololol). I have my hard copies of the ADBA registration papers, would you be able to fill them out if i send them to you? I would appreciate it. Once again hell of a job on the site.....it is amazing, i love it. Ya'll take it easy out there. I will definitely pass through when it starts to heat up. I'll still be sending in some pics of Kane. I also plan on purchasing another pup from you......that is a promise. And when I do my good man, I will be looking for the biggest one in your litter.


You really should see the shoulders on this boy (Boone), as he matures he is looking more and more like his Dad. I personally thought he was going to look like Harley, but he's all Drako. His head, the wrinkles, the floppy skin, the eyes. And the muscling he's already developing is outstanding, and his conformation is excellent. And the front view that is on the main page of the web site, is just what Boone will look like. Talk about shoulders. He's going to kick some serious butt at the shows, and his temperment is bar none one of the best. Much like his big brothers Damian and Capone! We think you'll be more than pleasantly surpised when you see how he's finishing (and he hasn't really started yet!) Gotta say, I think we got one of the best in the litter! But then we're biased!! HA!! We don't mind spreading the word about him!! If we can't get out your way this weekend, we'll at least forward off some pictures of the brute and the clan! If and when we decide to breed he and Rhayn, they are going to have some wickedly amazing pups!!
Well, I think I've gloated enough about the dogs for one night! Hope to see you guys soon. Stay warm and stay home!


I just want to say that I have nothing but good things to say about Top Dog Kennels. I was introduced to Top Dog after my cousin got a puppy there and have been back many times since. Everyone has always been very accomadating and friendly and even though there's always stuff going on they will take the time to answer any questions and show you around.
In October I organized the Bully Pride Parade after we had incident here outside of Kelowna and the BSL talk was flaring up. I could never have done it without Steve's support. He contacted many people to let them know what was going on as well as doing media interviews, printed up flyers I designed and he even put on an open house/BBQ at the kennel for the whole group of us afterwards. Without his support  it would have been me and my 2 dogs standing in front of City Hall flagging down anyone who walked past lol. Instead we had more than 50 pits and probably about 75 people not to mention province wide media coverage. The BSL talk went away after too.
So anyway thanks for being a stand up guy Steve. I had no idea about these people. I have family who was talking to them about adopting a pit from them, makes me wonder what they're saying about them now.
Jenny @ Mythic Pits

Hey Steve, just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how the little guy is doing. He's a part of my family now and I can't imagine not having him now. I can definitely see myself getting another one from you in the next few years. His temperament is unsurpassed! Great breeding! Everyone who meets him is really impressed, especially those people who only listen to the bad things about the breed. I'm sick of those stereotypical attitudes people have towards this breed, but I could go on for days talking about that. The main thing is he is extremely healthy and in great shape. Here are some of the thousands of pics I'm after taking of him...lol.
Jamie Letto

Hey Steve,
Greg here, just thought I would send you an update on my boy Bomber. Looking real good, at 10 months old he is just shy of 70 pounds, with a massive 22 inch head. Started working him with weights, and so far he is looking promising, the drive in this boy is nothing to be reckoned with. Very much a couch potato if I let him, but all bulldog when we are out working and playing.
Couple more months and we will start traveling for weight pulls, he is a tank and does not give up. Here is a  pic of us at the beach. Thanks again for this wonderful Bulldog.
Your friend in sport, Greg R.

How are you..?  I have been admiring your kennel.. Very Nice.. let me introduce myself..  My name is Ian. I live in Ontario, about an hr. west of Ottawa.  I currently own 4 male American Staffordshire Terriers.. From Oldest to youngest.. a Red nose Brindle 2yr.1/2 (Memphis),  Black/Seal colour (Magnum) under 2yr.1/2, Blue 9 months (Montana), and our new born pup Blue/Red Brindle 8wks (Manchester),  Currently it is our family.. my brother owns a sister to Memphis that we bred once with Magnum, and we bread Memphis with a older sister of Montana, and we kept Machester as the pick of the litter.  Here is a few pics of each.. hope you enjoy.. eventually if the ban in Ontario does not happen I would like to start something possibly down the road.  I love the breed and the companionship and affection they are simply amazing dogs it is a shame they have such a bad rep. Thankyou and I will talk to you later.
Owned by Ian

Hey there,
I came across the website, your dogs are amazing! I have never seen such beautiful dogs like these over here in the U.K, I have a pied Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the blue ones are gorgeous, I'm sure you are going to have amazing pups!
Do you ship dogs abroad?

Here is some new pics of the boys. Check out the ups! on Memphis. He loves this tree and jumps for it all the time. It is so amazing seeing a 85lbs dog fly. I will send more. Checkout Magnum scaling our fence. He likes to see over on the other side when people are there.

Hey guys
Kiwi is doing great.  She is really great with the baby and listens really well. We are having a bit of a problem with house training because she thinks it is to cold out and doesn't want to go outside. But it is slowly warming up here and soon she will be loving the great outdoors. Well bye for now.

Hey Jasmine and Steve,
We really love your facility for your dogs. I am sending you a few recent pictures of our blue nose pit bull we got from you about a year ago from Ryder and Ginger. His name is Chopper. He is now 1yr 1mo. old and a healthy 80lbs. We will be back to get him a playmate soon enough.
Lindsey and Craig

I just wanted to say from looking at your site i think it is very commemarable that you also deal with rescue dogs. Keep up all the good work.
Ryan Thrapp

Owners of "Top Dog Kennels",
                                            You guys have the best kennnels set up PERIOD! WOW! I was left in total disbelief with your kennel and dogs! How much do you ask for your pups? Let me know and I'll try to meet it! WOW! Keep up the great work! God Bless!

Hey Steve this is one of my pups Quarvo he is a 1.5 years old brother of Koko the female we bred to Damian.  Quarvo is 75 pounds  & CRAZY he loves to pull. He is the one we are bringing to the pull this summer to represent  Seeing Red .  He is owned by Layne & Kelly Lesyks of Calgary.

        How are you guys???  Well I hope good and in the care of the Lord.  My name is Veronica .  I just got done looking at your site and looking at all 33 pages of the photo album.  The pictures were just breath taking.  I love what your doing with the dogs ecspecially  for the pitbulls.  I wish there was some way I could help.  I wish I could come out there and just volunteer my help to you all.  I love animals ecspecially pitbulls.  I have a pitbull named Precious she is 5 yrs. old.  my boyfriend got her for me on my 18th b-day.  she is a big blessing in my life.  I just really appreciate what you are doing for the dogs.  I hope to maybe purchase a dog from you in the future. till then keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you all and your dogs

To all those involved:
My name is Oscar Ortiz, I am with Blue nation Bloodlines in Southern California. I have been involved with dog all of my life and know the truth behind a dogs smile. Specially behind the Pit Bull Terrier. I wanted to thank you for the effort you are putting into the breed and the message you sent out to those who can admire it. I am 19 years old and since I can remember I always wanted a Pit Bull, I know the breed and love the breed. I hope you all keep up the good work, so that with all of us involved with it, can one day convince others of their nobility. How they are not the assasins people think they are, and that their not the evil dog they fear. I hope one day to acomplish as much as you all have. It is my dream to also have kennels the way you do. Hope one day i can see all you've built with my own eyes.
Oscar Ortiz, your friend in Breed.

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